The Forever King

The Forever King

Author: Warren Murphy & Molly Cochran

Sub-Category: Myths & Legends

It’s a twist on the Arthur legend/myth that takes place in modern New York… and in the past – and it’s woven together into a wonderful tale.

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Book Description

An international bestseller written by New York Times bestselling authors Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy.

When ten-year-old Arthur Blessing finds a strange antique cup, he has no idea it’s the most sought after object in history. Nor does he realize the discovery of the Holy Grail will take him on a journey that defies the rules of space and time.

As the cup’s fate-appointed guardian, Arthur is charged with protecting it from dark magic and a madman determined to harness the Grail’s legendary power. The mission threatens his very life, with assassins aligned against him at every turn.

Along the way, a washed-up ex-FBI agent and a mysteriously knowledgeable old man join Arthur in his dangerous task to keep the cup safe…and unlock the secrets of the boy’s own destiny.

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