Under the Blue

Under The Blue, The Blue Series Volume 1

Author: Josephine Dillon

Sub-Category: Dark Fantasy

One devil, one angel, and two brothers, born thousands of years apart, will serve together in a timeless experiment uniting them for one purpose: Love.

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Book Description

Volume 1 of 8 in the Blue Series, please read in numerical order. David Smith is a disgruntled teenager drawn into his dream world as a means of escaping what he considers to be a boring, ordinary life of school and family. By opening his closet door when he sleeps, he steps into the thrilling Underworld — where magic, monsters, and a dark, beautiful stranger await his nightly visits with enough excitement to rival his living existence. Placed in a strict Christian family with an overbearing father and a detached mother, David has only his younger brother Dillon keeping him alive. As the story unravels, they will both be tested, their loyalties will stretch, and the ties that bind family and friends will serve as the catalyst needed to begin the struggle between good and evil that defines The Blue Series.

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